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"Clayton Participates, he Sings, He Gives Dancing Lessons"
Courtesy of
"He also Plays Trumpet...
" the Calypso, the Reggae, the Soca, the
PanNeubean Steel ... EXPERIENCE!"
"Clayton, Stir'n the Spice with Pan"
"M'Talewa, the Bassman,
Ahhh Feel'n It"
"Martin, Drum'n the
Island Vibe"
"Adam, his Saxophone, his Oasis"
The Truth is...PanNeubean Steel Will Set Up Almost Anywhere.
"...An Oasis of Musical Moods..."  Caribbean Ambassadors   
CAUTION: Sweet Pan Music...Very Addictive
Thumbs Up by Robert Greenidge Steelpan Player for
Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefer Band
Preconcort Opener Tweeter Center Mansfield, MA
Justin, putt'n down the Soulful Island Vibe
Clayton plays solo steelpan
for Wedding Guests in
Salisbury, MA
" the Jazz, the Contemporary, the Classical, the
Educational ... the other PanNeubean Steel
With Ilo Ferreira Guitarist for
Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefer Band.
...while Chuck Gives his Soul"
With Bruce Hornsby at a private house
Concert After-Party
Enjoying the Sunset Cruise, Boston Harbor
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All rights reserved.
With Peter Mayer Lead Guitarist for
Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefer Band.
Peforming for the New York Yacht
Club Gala
...since 1844.  Newport, RI
Debra Byrd, vocal coach for American
, Barry Manilow, Kelly Clarkson and
many others.  Love her positive energy.
Audience participation, OH, Yeah!
Hanging with Chris Vadala
University Event @ MIT
Grand opening for Tommy Bahama
PanNeubean Steel OPENS for
International Recording Artist
Wayne Wonder, City Hall Plaza,
Boston, MA
Giving lessons to BLADE BRUINS
Leon Powe Celtics
Spending time with International
Recording Artist
Grynner from Barbados