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Performance options

guitar,sax & vocal
*Most common for Wedding Reception,
Corporate Events, from background to large
events, "THE SHOW"
Need electricity.

TRIO-steelpan, bass & drums
*from background to medium dance events
Need electricity.

DUET-steelpan and bass/piano
Most common for Wedding Ceremony,
Cocktail Hour, Background Music
Need electricity.  Acoustic or can be Amplified

SOLO-steelpan(acoustic) or
SOLO-steelpan(w/backing tracks)
Most common for Wedding Ceremony,
Cocktail Hour, Background Music, Corporate
Acoustic or Need electricity for backing tracks

More and more we are performing for
weddings.  Since many web couples have their
honeymoon in the Caribbean, it seems only
fitting to have a steelpan performed at the
wedding ceremony.  Te steelpan is unique and
sounds beautifully exotic.  I like to inform
people that the steelpan is not just for
calypso/reggae/soca.  Even though it is often
asked to play "St. Thomas" it can also play a
very soothing rendition of "Pachelbel's Canon".

Please feel free to contact me with any
Hope you are enjoying...
"...An Oasis of Musical Moods..."

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PanNeubean Steel Family
Drums: Aaron Jackson, Martin Bernert, Glen Grant, Andreas Brades, Osi Brathwaite
Guitar: Verden Matthias, Warren Levenson, Devon Hennes, Thomas Lestrade
Bass: Willie Moss, Rudi Weeks, Wusef, M'Talewa Thomas, Lenny Bradford, Bill Ferri
Saxophone: Charles Langford, Adam Go, Justin Breault
Keyboard: Jesse Feinberg
Wedding Cocktail Hour at Sea Crest Beach Resort, N. Falmouth, MA